Lunch and Learn

Do you sometimes have doubts when you have to select the correct instrument fittings for a specific task with regard to the purpose, material, pressure and environment? Do you know all the pitfalls when assembling instrument fittings to prevent leaks? Or are you not aware of the risks that may exist when combining different materials? If so, HYTOR is ready to equip you and your colleagues so you can use and make safe and proper choices when it comes to the purpose, material and pressure required for instrument fittings.

If you and your colleagues set aside your lunch break, we will come along with sandwiches and of course a specialized instructor, who will share their knowledge and expertise. Against the background of our technical presentation, “Lunch and Learn” gives ample opportunity for an informal technical discussion of the various aspects that must be considered when selecting instrument fittings. We bring along a wide range of products and are specialists in finding the product that best matches your production and challenges. We like to share this knowledge, and “Lunch and Learn” is therefore a good opportunity to develop your technical knowledge on how to independently select correct products and troubleshooting on existing installations.

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”Lunch and Learn” typically lasts 1-2 hours with a technical presentation of ½-1 hour and subsequent discussion in a plenary. Time will then be allocated for individual discussion and sparring. We don’t just pack up and go home after 1 hour!

Who can benefit from participating?
Anyone who works with fittings and pipes on a daily basis and/or designs tasks with fittings and pipes.

Date and price
You decide the date and we come to you. The event is completely free and we bring sandwiches for all participants. “Lunch and Learn” means that all participants can eat their lunch during our technical presentation.

We also offer more in-depth courses on instrument fittings – high pressure (over 1000 bar) and instrument fittings, double clamping rings and dosing pumps These are 1-day courses with a final test, documented with a certificate.