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Pneumatic control systems

Customer-specific pneumatic systems. We offer a range of different pneumatic systems, including compressed air installations, process monitoring, pneumatic control systems and deluge cabinets, for example a fire extinguishing system.

All pneumatic systems can be adapted to meet customer specifications and requirements so that the pneumatic system contributes to optimal operating conditions.

We build pneumatic control systems with some of the most reliable components on the market.

Reliable pneumatic components combined with a well thought-out design provide the perfect foundation for a reliable pneumatic control system.

None of our systems are off-the-shelf goods so we adapt all our pneumatic control systems to your exact needs. The only limits to which pneumatic control system we can build for you are your specifications, the space available and your budget.

Components included:

  • Flow control
  • Flow measurement
  • Solenoid valves
  • Hand operated valves
  • Tie-in junction box for control cables


Example of pneumatic control on the left

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