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Chemical dosing systems

For environmental and financial reasons, the dosing of chemicals requires a high level of accuracy. We adapt the dosing systems according to your specifications and we are your technical sparring partner for specification of the system.

With proven experience from countless deliveries to the oil and gas industry in Denmark and the Middle East, we have exactly the skills that are needed for an optimal dosing system.

Whether you need an electric or pneumatic pump skid for chemical dosing, we have experience in the specification of both large and small installations.

Several decades of experience with international component producers and close cooperation with manufacturers make us specialists in the assembly and design of different chemical dosing systems and functions.

The chemical dosing systems that we design have something in common – we ensure resistance to media, a long life and low operating costs. We always focus on ease of service and operation and ergonomic design.

Technical specifications

Dosing systems

Chemical/media all types
Design pressure up to 1,135 bar
Flow rate up to 4,000 l/hour
Pump type: Industrial standard, API-675 or API-674
Approvals ATEX, CE marking, pressure test
Documentation Full documentation pack according to specifications

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We design and construct the chemical dosing and injection systems in our office and workshop in Esbjerg, Denmark. Take a closer look at how the systems come into existence in the video to the right.

The chemical dosing and injection systems are always supplied as plug and play and complete documentation packages.

We have decades of experience in the design of chemical dosing and chemical regulation to API675 and API674 for e.g. the offshore industry both in the North Sea and the Middle East. Our experience and competence in the selection of components for your system provide the perfect foundation for the design and construction of chemical dosing and chemistry regulation for both offshore and industrial use.

All chemical dosing systems and pump modules can be adapted to meet customer specifications and requirements so that the injection system contributes to optimal operating conditions.

SMART dosing systems

In cooperation with the pump manufacturer, we have developed what we call a SMART pump. The injection pump plays an important role in the distribution system combined with PLC control, which is programmed to tell the pump how much should be dosed. Consequently there is no manual adjustment or manual handling of the chemical mixture. The automated process is essential for more accurate dosing and for the dosing speed, and it minimizes errors. SMART dosing systems can of course be operated on both via the display and via a tablet.

Watch the video

Take a closer look at how the technical solution is put together.

Some of the benefits with the SMART injection:

  • Drive down chemical consumption
  • Eliminate human contact with chemicals
  • Fully automated and extremely high accuracy

Hire a chemical pump unit

You may need to test a chemical in your production, or perhaps you have had a shutdown and have to build a new chemical system. You can hire a chemical pump unit from us, whether you need it for testing or you are waiting for a new system to be ready. We have systems in stock that are ready for shipment at a day’s notice.

  • Pressure up to 440 bar / 6,300 PS
  • Flow up to 896 l/h
  • Electrically driven pump or air driven pump
  • Approved for ATEX zone 1

Download data sheet - electrically driven pump - and see all available models

Download data sheet - air driven pump - and see all available models


Professional advice

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