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Chemical distribution systems

Specially designed dosing systems that dose an accurate flow rate of e.g. chemicals from injection systems independently of fluctuating process pressures.

All distribution systems are designed in relation to manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic operation and are adapted to the specific requirements imposed primarily in relation to measurement and data acquisition.

In the design phase, we are known for creating distribution systems that require far less space compared with pump solutions. We are therefore also the right supplier when you want to achieve multiple injection points for the same chemical, for example.

All specially designed distribution systems are adapted to the exact required injection flow and can of course be combined with a local PLC and simultaneously be integrated with e.g. a SCADA system.

They can be controlled via a combined PID (proportional integral differential) control, which makes it easy to adapt new flow ranges with a simple retrofit, if any changes are made to the dosing volumes.

All of our solutions have something in common – they require a low level of maintenance and are designed to be operator friendly.

Operator friendly design for optimal operation and maintenance. We also have extensive experience in compact designs, which of course are also operator friendly.

Designed according to customer specific requirements following professional advice from experienced technicians. Precise workmanship is a matter of course for us.


  • Constant flow control
  • For high and low pressure
  • For high and low flow rates
  • Highly accurate injection
  • Multiple injection points in the same system


  • Electric actuators
  • Open skid frame or closed cabinet
  • SS316, Hastelloy C276, 6MO, Super Duplex and Titanium are available
  • Coriolis flow transmitters
  • Tie in junction boxes
  • Pressure transmitters and gauges
  • Heat and light inside the cabinet
  • Lifting lugs
  • Cables and wiring according to offshore specifications
  • Multiple injection points
  • Low maintenance
  • All specifications can be designed according to the customer’s needs and requirements.

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