Compressor service

Service and repair of all types of compressors, absorber dryers, refrigerant dryers and filters at short notice. Thorough, effective and regular servicing of your compressor extends the life of your equipment and provides operational benefits.

We come out at short notice and of course always bring the most common service and spare parts so we can immediately optimize and perform any repairs to your system. Our experienced service engineers can often anticipate potential challenges with your compressor installation and during the compressor service they are able to take the necessary measures to avoid a breakdown or loss of pressure.

We can perform a service on all types of compressor brands and models, e.g.

  • Piston compressors and screw compressors 
  • Absorber dryers and refrigerant dryers 
  • Filters and filter stations

Our compressor service is of course documented with a report that complies with all the statutory requirements.

Rent a compressor if you have a breakdown

If you are unfortunate that your equipment needs major maintenance that requires it to be taken out of operation, we will of course offer a replacement compressor, which can keep your production running while we make repairs.


Favourable compressor service agreements

Regular preventive service on compressors, air dryers and filters will extend the life of both your compressor installation and production equipment, minimize energy consumption and provide higher reliability. Hence you will be sure that your service intervals are maintained so you can continue to enjoy the benefits of concluding a compressor service contract with us. This has many benefits, e.g. 

  • We keep track of the agreed service interval (number of operating hours, annual, semi-annual or whatever is agreed)
  • The service engineer contacts the customer’s contact person and agrees the service time that suits them best
  • We keep a job card that shows a history of replacing of spare parts and filters in our online service system TMS
  • Discount on all supplied service parts

Leak detection / energy optimization

Lack of air is not necessarily the same as increasing the capacity of air. There may be leaks in your compressed air system that indicate a loss of pressure and this can be very expensive. Therefore we often perform leak detection for a wide range of our customers, while performing a compressor service. This ensures that leaks are not the reason for a loss of pressure. Read more about our leak detection here and take a closer look at the cost savings and energy optimization benefits it can give you.

Read more about leak detection here


Tank inspection

Statutory inspections of compressed air tanks are required, which means that a tank inspection must be performed by notified bodies. These are appointed according to the transportable pressure equipment directive PED 2014/68/E4. Approved notified bodies can be found in the NANDO list.
We can also prepare the tank for approval and then arrange approval with documentation.

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