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Hydraulic control systems

Complete hydraulic control systems according to customer specifications primarily for valves.

The complete hydraulic control systems are used primarily for valves. For several decades we have supplied well head panels for use on platforms in connection with the extraction of oil and gas in both Danish and foreign oil and gas fields.

A strong engineering team cooperated with our technical project manager to assemble the hydraulic systems based on the specifications that our customers operate to. Our vast experience enables us to spot where we can perform optimization and it is natural for us to always design the hydraulic systems based on best practice; and therefore to also provide optimal operation of the customer’s overall process.

Of course we ensure that the hydraulic systems will meet your requirements for flow rates, opening and closing times, pressure areas and accumulated energy (flow and pressure).

It is perfectly natural for us to work according to international standards, norms and requirements covering e.g. CE, PED, ATEX, API as well as customer specifications.

The hydraulic control systems are designed according to the principle of minimal maintenance, but without compromising on the availability of individual instruments and components in the hydraulic system.

Hydraulic control systems are typically designated as:

  • Well head control panels
  • Solenoid control racks for top side (offshore oil & gas) valve control
  • Individual control panels for individual valves
  • Controls for”partial stroke” - adjustable length of stroke on bellow pumps
  • Various hydraulic actuated and regulated systems


  • Adapted working areas in relation to pressure and flow
  • Pressure up to 1,380 bar
  • Can be combined with HPU and accumulator racks or can be built as one single unit
  • Cleanness code compliance according to ISO 4406

Portable well head control for well overhaul

To service well heads on platforms for oil and gas production, we have developed a portable well head panel for the hydraulic control of well valves for performing a well overhaul. The system “overrides" the permanently integrated well head control system. The portable well head control system is well known and widely used in the Danish oil and gas industry both in the North Sea and the Middle East.

The portable well head control system is supplied in a DNV GL 2.7.1 certified frame including lifting slings.

The system can of course be rented and is always serviced and ready to use.

Gain insight into how our teams work when starting up hydraulic control systems.

Video from drawing office, project teams and workshop.

Well head control panel used to control the well head on oil and gas platforms.

Hydraulic control designed and constructed for industrial customers.

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