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Hydraulic power packs – HPU

Hydraulic power packs, also called HPU devices, are designed and built both as a stand-alone unit and in combination with a Well Head Control Panel (WHCP) and accumulator racks.

Specifications for hydraulic power pack (HPU) functions vary significantly depending on the individual HPU. Close dialogue between the customer and our design team in the design phase creates the right foundation for an optimal hydraulic power pack (HPU) solution. We therefore construct the hydraulic power pack (HPU) according to your specific requirements.

The hydraulic power packs (HPU) are suitable for supplying power to the hydraulic control panels (Well Head Control Panel – WHCP) and therefore the XCV and ESD valves, used primarily in the oil and gas industry.


Hydraulic power packs – HPU

Incl. or excl. tank – designed to contain total actuator and accumulator volumes
Pressostat/pressure switch to indicate “Pressure High”
Tank level indicator for “Low Level”
Level glass
Accumulators: Pressure transmitter on nitrogen side to indicate nitrogen pressure
Junction boxes for “IS” and “NON IS” connections
Start/stop control box for pump


Decades of experience in building system solutions for demanding industries, such as the design and construction of hydraulic power packs (HPUs) makes us an experienced sparring partner when you have to assemble a hydraulic power pack solution.

Over the years, we have supplied a wide range of solutions for oil and gas activities in the North Sea and the Middle East. Therefore, we are very strong in the fields of specification, component selection and documentation.


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