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Nutrunners with data logging

Electric nutrunners with full data logging for full traceability from the recognized brands Plarad and Acradyne.

If you need to tension a torque with a nutrunner and still have full traceability via data logging from your tensioning task, then the current controlled nutrunners from Plarad or the transducer controlled nutrunners from Acradyne are a safe choice.


Both the current controlled Plarad nutrunner and the transducer controlled Acradyne nutrunner have a robust and reliable design and are well-known for their ease of use, serviceability and long life.

With the possibility of torque tensioning with data logging up to 17,000 bar, there is a nutrunner to cover the vast majority of needs. Both models are also equipped with safety measures that make it safe for the engineer to work with the reactor arm.

When you need to select a type of nutrunner with data logging, it is important to decide whether you are looking for a current controlled or a transducer controlled nutrunner, as this will determine which brand and model is right for you. We will advise you to make the right choice of course. Contact us to learn how we can help with your torque tensioning tasks, so you have full traceability via data logging.


There is strong demand from the wind turbine industry for data acquisition in torque tensioning tasks. We have been involved right from the very beginning, when the major producers were aiming to optimize torque tensioning, and we will continue to be involved, as we develop nutrunners with data acquisition for the wind turbine industry. In close cooperation with our suppliers, we are involved in the design and development of nutrunners with data acquisition, precisely because we have extensive knowledge of torque tensioning within the wind turbine industry, and know what challenges the engineers and site supervisors face when installing and servicing the wind turbines.


Nutrunners – electric

Force 1 - 17,000 Nm
Weight 1.5 - 3.25 kg
Voltage 110 - 230 V
Models – Plarad DE1-docu
Models – Acradyne AEJ4B8X1200BDL, AEP4W896500BDL, AEN3572600A

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