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Accu-nutrunner with digital data logging

Not only accuracy and fast torgue is the essence of this new ground-breaking battery driven nutrunner, but safety in the shape of dual trigger and digital full datalogging with feedback to the operator during tightening is also build in in this SRB HA accu nutrunner.

Integrated tightening and angle transducer to measure directly on the bolt during tightening makes a difference in the torque process. It provides both high accuracy and high level of safety while making it possible for the operator to instantly see when the bolt is correctly tightened by the means of LED lights signally either red or green.

Tightening time is significantly lowered as a result of fast tightening speed obtained with the Tensor motor technology.

Safety is increased remarkably by the fully integrated dual trigger, eliminating the most common clamping accidents which is can occurs when operating battery driven torque tools.

The ingenious that lies in the SRB HA battery driven nutrunner is the integrated torque and angle transducer which measure directly on the bolt during the tightening of the bolt. This type of transducer ensures high precision and provides direct indication to the operator during the torque process by means of red or green LED lights. During the tightening and torque process all data is logged in the accu SRB HA nutrunner and directly digitally wired providing documentation and the perfect set up for further processing of data.


Smart LED light for torque indication to the operator.

Functionalities on the SRB HA transducer nutrunner.

Tekniske specifikationer

Accu-nutrunner dataopsamling

Størrelse 3/4" til 1"
Bespænding Nm 390 - 4.000
Hastighed 5 - 23
Vægt 5,5 - 8,5 kg
Længde 378 - 441 mm
Brand Atlas Copco

Take a closer look at how this battery driven accu nutrunner SRB HA from Atlas Copcu torques fast, safe and correct.

  • Integrated torque and angle transducer
  • Dual trigger
  • Tensor motor
  • Full digital datalogging

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